Wildflower Turf


Whether you’re looking to add a natural touch to a garden, create a colourful meadow, or simply reduce your lawn maintenance, wildflower turf is the perfect solution.

Prices are per single slab.

Minimum quantity in Summer months: 10

Slab size: 0.96 sq m

Quantity Discount Price
6 - 12 £2.00 £28.00
13 - 20 £5.00 £25.00
21 £8.00 £22.00
Wildflower Turf£30.00


  • Composed of a mix of 27 wildflowers species, which can support a diverse range of insects, birds, and other wildlife.
  • Low maintenance: once established, wildflower turf requires minimal maintenance, with no need for watering or fertilization, and only occasional (once a year) mowing.
  • Provides a colorful and naturalistic addition to gardens.
  • A hardy and resilient option that can withstand heavy rainfall, drought, and temperature fluctuations, making it a good choice for areas with challenging growing conditions.


Growing conditions

Soil type: Can be adapted to a range of soil types.

Flowering high: 30-80cm

Flowering period: April to early winter

Prices are per sq m

Safe and secure transport in a van, ensuring your wildflower turf arrives at its destination healthy and undamaged.



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